Why we have a free plan

There's many services out there that offer a free plan, just like tinylytics. However the biggest difference is that we offer a free plan without selling your soul... and ours.

You'll come across sites that state free plans are only possible because they will be able to sell your data to the highest bidder or, even worse in my opinion, to an advertiser. Most advertisers are bad news. They don't care about you. To them you're only a number, a vector in their system, a smear.

Tinylyics does none of this. It's run by me, Vincent, and I take this stuff seriously. Your data is never sold, ever. It doesn't matter if you pay or not. To me you are a customer of mine, trusting me with your data.

Why a free plan though?

A lot of analytics software is too expensive. Period. Heck, I just started a small side project or a personal site and I don't want to shell out $9 - $14 per month just for analytics that looks pretty. Most people don't want to spend that... I certainly don't want to, especially when you're just starting and you want to get something simple up and running.

There are free options from big providers, but guess what... yeah, they're probably using your data to better meet their own needs and most likely advertisers.

Having a free plan, from someone that deeply cares, and from an individual, not a huge corporate or venture funded company, is the best start you can give yourself without worrying what will happen with your data. It sits on my server, and is backed up hourly to an offsite encrypted backup. That's it. Oh and you won't break the bank either. I think that's a win win.

I often found myself going for the free option because, frankly, I didn't have the luxury to spend that much on analytics... and that made me feel yucky.

How is it supported?

The free plan is made possible because of the fantastic people that have subscribed to tinylytics and are actively paying for it. If it wasn't for them, I couldn't offer such a generous free plan.

As long as tinylytics is cashflow positive I will be able to offer a free plan for the folks that are just starting off, and want to dip their toes into the world of... well... insight and a bit of fun.

That doesn't mean I can't make changes to the free plan if the need arises. So I will play it by ear.

Right now, tinylytics is profitable, pays for my kids school fees, which makes me worry less, and is growing.

Thank you all for subscribing and being awesome ✌️❤️