Showing Uptime on your site

With your site set up with our uptime monitor, you can bring across those statistics with ease. Great for a little bit more fun!

To add uptime to your site, you need to make the following changes to your embed script. Just add the uptime parameter to it, for example:

If you're using the hit counter, or kudos, you can do the following:

With both hits and kudos enabled, you can do this:

Super easy. Here are two options for you...

Showing your uptime:

To show uptime create an element on the page with a class of .tinylytics_uptime. That will then tell the script, once loaded, to fetch your uptime.

Note that you should only create one of these.

  <span class="tinylytics_uptime"></span>

And that's it.

Uptime monitoring is available for paid accounts.