Showing visited countries

Just like showing your hit count, or uptime, you can also show which countries have visited your sites using your embed code.

Once embedded, tinylytics will return a country list using emoji flags, in alphabetical order.

All it requires, is that you amend your embed script a little, and add an extra parameter at the end of .js.

To show countries, first add the following parameter to your embed code: ?countries.

So your embed script url should look like this now:

If you have other features enabled, like kudos, or others, you can do it like this:

Next up, we need to add an element on your site, wherever you want so it's up to you.

Add the following anywhere on your site:

<span class="tinylytics_countries"></span>

We'll replace any content inside the snippet. Feel free to style as you need.

Once the embed code is loaded, it'll look for a class of tinylytics_countries and if it finds it, it will add the countries that visited your site.

Here is an example: