Ignoring your own hits

Now that you've embedded your script, and recording hits, you might want to ignore your own hits.

You can easily achieve this by navigating to your own website and then simply adding ?tiny_ignore=true to your domain in the browser and reloading the page. For example: https://your-awesome-site.com?tiny_ignore=true.

Please make sure to use either https:// or http:// before your domain name, otherwise you might see results from your web search engine instead.

If you're having problems with adding underscores to the URL, you can use a simpler version of the above: ?ti=true.

This adds a flag to your site, via the browser, using local storage, to ignore hits. If you use multiple browsers, you need to do this for each.

We'll show you a little alert once one of your settings change.

This is a one time process and you won't have to add it again when you visit your website.

To record hits again, you can use the same URL parameter and set false instead. Alternatively clear your browser data for you website, or delete the localStorage key (if you know how to do that).