Showing a hit counter

With your embed script is loading, you have the ability to embed a classic style hit counter on your website, an style it as you need. Do you remember those? Yeah, us too!

This feature is available from our free plan and upwards. Yes, that's right!

It's super simple to set up. All it requires, is that you amend your embed script a little, and add an extra parameter at the end of .js.

To load hits data, add: ?hits.

So your embed script url should look like this now:

This will bring back a little bit extra data to your site. Next up, we need to add an element on your site, wherever you want.

Add the following anywhere on your site:

<span class="tinylytics_hits"></span>

It doesn't have to be a span and can be anything you want it to be. The important part is the class="tinylytics_hits".

Once the embed code is loaded, it'll look for a class of tinylytics_hits and if it finds it, it will replace the inner content with your lifetime hits to the site.

You can see it in use on our homepage (in the footer) and perhaps some other sites in the wild already!

You can style it as you seem necessary.